January Favorites

Hi everyone!

Today February officially begun. And I think, it's the perfect time to look back at January.
It's winter and my favorite candy at the moment are these cuberdons, I got for New Year :P.

I started this month with trying to post every two days something on my blog, I thought I couldn't, but I did it! Because this month I posted a lot of things on my blog, it was hard to chose my favorites, but I have picked a few out.

First my New Year OOTD, I've worn the dress a few times and I still love the dress and earrings. And I want to thank you for the sweet comments.

Then I really love this book from Flow I got for Christmas. Everything just looks so beautiful and cute, I'm definitely going to use the paper more.

I actually crochet a lot this month, and there came out some nice things. Like the guitar, mittens and the cactus pincushion.

And to end, I really love the waffles and M&M muffins I made.

I hope you liked it! What where your favorites of January?