The Versatile Blogger Award

Hi everyone!

I'm really sorry that I haven't post something two days ago, I was really busy with school and now I have finally some time to blog :D.

A few days ago I've been nominated for the Versatile blogger award by the amazing blogger of A Room of Wonders. Before I was nominated I actually didn't knew what the award was, but after searching a little bit on the internet I found these rules:

- thank the person who nominated you (done!)
- tell the person who nominated you 7 things about yourself
- nominate another 15 bloggers for the Versatile blogger award

7 random things about me:

  1. I'm really bad at sports. I really hate P.E and everything that has to do with sport.
  2. My birthday is on the 11th of August 1998.
  3. I love reading thrillers. I don't know, it's just a weird obsession of me, but I also like reading romans. 
  4. Deadline written by Rachel Ward I one of my favorites books since I was 11 (I don't know why I read that book when I was so young, it is actually a young adult book)
  5. I love rabbits, but at the same time I'm always a little bit afraid of dogs.
  6. Divergent and The fault in our stars are my favorite films at the moment.
  7. I love traveling and discovering new cities. 

And now I nominate:

I hope you like it! 

And for the bloggers I nominate, don't forget to leave your link to the versatile blogger award in the comments. I love to read them!