New camera: Samsung NX3000

Hi everyone!

Today I finally bought my new camera! Yay! I was already looking for a while for a new camera and than this camera was the one I wanted to buy, but I thought the price was a little bit too much. But now it was on sale. 

Before I just used the camera of my parents, but they hated it that I was using their camera all the time (hihi oops!). Their camera is from Samsung with a 18-55 mm lens, and I always thought it was a good camera. So I found this Samsung NX3000 with a 16-50 mm lens and if I bought it together with a 50-200 mm lens, then the price was more than 100 euros cheaper and I got a camera bag for free :). 

What I really like about my camera is that it has a selfie stand. And it is a system camera, I never had one before but I'm really happy with it. The body is smaller than a SLR, but you can still change the lenses. There was standard the 16-50 mm with it, and I'm also really happy with that, it is just a standard lens to use everyday and it is actually really small compared with a 18-55 mm lens. 

I'm just so happy with it :) I only have to look a little bit what functions it has and what everything is. 

I hope you liked it! What camera do you use?