Christmas Decoration 2

Hi everyone!

Ok, I am maybe a little bit late to decorate my Christmas tree, but today it's Christmas Eve and I finally made another Christmas tree decoration for in my little Christmas tree. I found this origami on Pinterest and it is not so difficult, only at the end when you have to glue it.

This is how you make it:

 You need 2 pieces of paper, a piece of string and a scissor.

 Fold the paper from one corner to the other.


 Fold it the other way.


 Fold the bottom part to the top.


 Fold it the other way.


 Turn it over so it looks like this.

 Gently press the sides to the middle.

 And fold the top part towards you.

 It should look like this.

 Turn it 180°.

 Fold the two sides like this.

 Turn it and fold the other two sides like this.

 Cut the top part off.

 Turn it 180°.
 Take the left side and unfold it.

 Open it a little bit.

 And fold it over the right side.

 Press down the folding on the top and fold it to the left.

 Now do the same with the right side.

 This is what you should have than.

 Turn it and do the same thing with the left side.

 And do the same thing with the right side.

 This is how it should look like.

 Fold the corner of the left side.

 Fold the corner of the right side.

 Fold all the corners like this.

 Unfold everything.

 Fold the corners inwards.

 Repeat all the steps to make the other half.
Put some glue on the corner parts you just folded and press gently the two halves to each other.

I hope you like it!

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