Christmas Decoration

Hi everyone!

Only a week to go and it's christmas! There are people who loves it and who hates it. I belong to the first category. I am decorating my room a little bit for christmas. So I bought a few days ago a small Christmas tree, but, of course, I forgot to buy some Christmas decoration. I found some Christmas lights and hung it in my tree.

And I am making my own Christmas tree decoration. I found this cool idea on pinterest, but I couldn't find the unfolding of it. So I made it myself. 

Here is the unfolding.

This is what you need: the template, a colored paper, a scissor, a piece of string, a pencil and a lat.

First you have to draw the template on a colored paper, cut it out and fold the paper on the lines.

This is what you should have.

Don't forget to add the string so you van hang it in your Christmas tree.

Glue it together.

The result!

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